Parade Day!

June 5, 2009

Thursday we travelled to the Cardiff area (bus to Flint, 11:00 train to Shrewsbury, connection to Cardiff. We spent a couple of hours in Cardiff, looking at the castle from the outside (too expensive to go in for an hour) and then  wandering through the city centre, eventually getting a decent coffee at Caffe Nero in James Howell’s. Then the train on to Llantwit major, where we were met by Sue and Dave, distant relatives of Lynn’s. (Sue’s mum is Lynn’s dad’s cousin!)

I had a very interesting evening with Dave using his Meade 175mm telescope,  and didn’t get to bed until 11:00.

Next morning Dave dropped us off at the East Gate of St. Athan’s camp. The passing out parade was interesting and fun, Richard won two of the trophies, one for best overall student, and one for best overall in physical education. Just as he was being presented with the COs award for Best Overall, a VC10 did a surprise flypast, arranged by the lads the night before while having a curry in Llantwit Major, where they met the flight crew, who offered a special flypast for them. It just happened to co-incide with Richard’s presentation, but was perfectly timed. Photos follow.


Richard's personal flypast

Richard's personal flypast

Richard and Trophies

Richard and Trophies

Graduation class and Commanding officers

Graduation class and Commanding officers

Richard and Helen

Richard and Helen

After a quick tour of the workshops, we caught the bus to Llantwit Major, and the train to Bridgend then Cardiff. Tonight we are staying at Sarah’s and Daves, Sarah is a school friend of Lynn’s.


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