Loose Ends

June 14, 2009

On Thursday, we rested after our exertions of the day before, I did this by removing a huge pile of trimmings from a hedge which a neighbour had removed because it took light from his bathroom, but had then left in her garden! I also cut the lawns, and removed the trimmings to the tip.

On Friday we drove to York, where we spent a happy few hours at the National Railway Museum, and then walking through the city and on the city walls. We carried on to Northallerton where we met Richard. We booked ourselves into the Golden Lion Hotel, and then went out for a meal with Richard at an Asian restaurant.

The hotel was a bit of a disappointment, the room was clean etc, but it was up in  the top of the building, and overlooking the main street, despite the hotel being almost empty. The  last drunks rolled home from the local nightclub at 3am, and the street market started setting up at 4am, with the fish stall under our window, with its cooling truck generator running! Breakfast service was lousy, when we asked for tea for two, they gave us a pot with just two cups of tea in it, and when we asked for more water, we got barely a cup full in a milk jug! Porridge was freshly made, but the waiting staff did not deliver it until the cooked breakfasts were ready, so the porridge was congealed and lumpy, and the cooked breakfast had to go back under the grilll until the porridge was finished. When we paid our bill, we weren’t even asked whether we enjoyed our visit. It was if they knew the service was bad, and didn’t care!

We picked Richard up from camp and took him to visit a couple of Lynn’s relativs we he endured quite well. Ken and Bea  (and Jill and Stephany) were our first call, and then onto Tommy and Gwen. We had lunch at the Oddfellows Arms (Fish Chips and Mushy Peas for 3) which was delicious, and took Richard back to camp where he was due at a barbecue at his bosses place. We left him at base and drove back to Wales the ‘pretty way’ (over the A59 rather than the M62).

Today I intend to cut the hedges at mum’s place, and pack for the trip home which starts tomorrow with our journey to Knoll House to see Andrew again, before going to Heathrow on Wednesday for the flight home.

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