Final Days

June 17, 2009

So Sunday was spent cutting the hedges at mum’s house, about 30 metres of them, up to 3 metres high. As they hadn’t been cut in a year or so they took a while to cut, and even longer to clean up after. We put everything into bags, squashing down as tight as possible, and still filled the car 3 times to go to the recycling centre. I made a final cut of the lawns to save mum the trouble for a week or so, as she is not very well at the moment. The rest of the day was spent packing and repacking.

On Monday we said our farewells to Mum, and took a taxi to Flint to catch the 8:17 to Crewe. We had a fairly tight timetable, with just 6 minutes to cross Crewe station to the train to Birmingham New Street, and 8 minutes there to catch the train to Bournemouth. We were supposed to have a similar change at Bournemouth onto the Bus, but the train was running 20 minutes late (first delayed train we had been on in 7 days and 24 train journeys), so we had 10 minutes to get to the next bus. Arrived at Knoll house at 3:00 which was quite pleasant. Had a nice walk along the beach, through the nudist area (a bit like large pink, fat(male) meerkats standing around in the dunes looking out for god knows what. What was disturbing was when the navy were doing helicopter exercises off the coast, almost everyone of them had a set of binoculars!

Saw Andrew at dinner, as he was our waiter for the night, and took him out for a drink at the local.

On Tuesday, we had a short beach walk while waiting for Andrew to finish breakfast service, then a coffee and another walk when we was on his break, finishing with a cornish pastie for lunch. While Andrew did lunch service, Lynn and I sat and read for two hours – lovely!

In the afternoon (well nearly 3 really) we walked over Ballard Down to Swanage, did a bit of shopping, and walked back over the sea cliffs. About 4 hours and 9 miles! Andrew had the evening off, so had dinner with us, and breakfast this morning.

Today we are going to take it easy around the hotel and beach, and then take the 1:35 bus to Bournemouth, to catch the 14:59 to Heathrow, but more on that later.

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