June 25, 2009

This is the really geeky bit, and I will update it as I work out more bits.

We made 37 separate journeys by train, a total of 2,277 miles or 3650km approx in 9 days of train travel.

We made 8 bus journeys, mileage to be worked out.

We climbed the highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, climbing 3020 metres and walking 43.7 km in the process. We walked at least the same again on other walks, to be worked out.

We spent GBP1248 on hotels and GPB50 approx on campsites.

2 Responses to “Statistics”

  1. Moranna Says:

    After all those statistics did you get time to enjoy your ?holiday?!

    • daveglover Says:

      I certainly did Moranna, thanks for asking. The train journies were spectacular, and it was only when it was all over that we totted up the miles! The one thing we did have to count at the time was how many days we travelled, as we only had 8 days on the trains, and they all went much too quickly!

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