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Photos added

June 3, 2009

I have been through the posts below and added a few photos to give a feel for what we have been doing. Enjoy!


Back to Wales

June 3, 2009

We had a restful day in Keig with Alan and June, just looking around the farm, and going for a short drive around the Alford, Insch area to get a feel for the countryside. I attempted to get a wireless network going on June’s computer, but I think AOL defeated  me, and I spent most of the time making the computer work the way it had before I started!

June and Alan were struggling with the heat a bit, it was up to about 25 degrees ! A pleasant day to us, but very warm for that part of the country.

On Monday, we were dropped off at Insch station for the 9:03 to Aberdeen, and at Aberdeen we got on the 9:52 to Edinburgh. We were supposed to change at Edinburgh for Carlisle, and go down the west coast, but we decided to stay on the train as far as York (the joys of a Britrail pass!). On the way we went passed Lindisfarne and Holy Island, and Bamburgh castle, all in the distance, but at least we saw them. The air con in the carriage we were in was faulty, so it was a long (5 hours) hot journey to York.

At York, we changed to the Transpennine route, and took a train to Manchester. This was also a bit crowded. In Manchester we got on a commuter train to Chester, the heating was on full so another hot journey! Straight onto a train to Flint, and 10 minutes later we were in a taxi back to Sychdyn, where we arrived just an hour after we originally planned.

On Tuesday, I did some physical work around mum’s house, concreting a small patch of the garage floor and the driveway, to get rid of a large pothole that had been damaging her car, and today (Wednesday) I will use the rest of the concrete to put her rotary washing line in the Kiwi way!

Tomorrow we are going down to  St Athan for Richard’s passing out parade, which we are really looking forward to. A distant relative of Lynn’s  (Sue) has offered us accomodation in Llantwit Major just  a few miles away, and Lynn has a school friend to visit also. We can take the computer this time, and with the Vodaphone card, we may be able to stay more up to date!